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SETTLED - Construction NSW

    Assetline Capital’s facility allowed the borrower to commence development of 3 luxury, full level apartments in Woollahra, NSW

    As a private funder, we're used to being approached with time-sensitive scenarios, whether it's a shortfall, a funder pulling out last minute, or a compelling business opportunity.

    However, when it comes to construction finance, being organised enough to work with a funder from the outset of a project allows a developer a high degree of certainty even before a site is acquired.

    In this case, the borrower identified a site to purchase with a DA already in place.  When Assetline was approached, the borrower had already engaged an architect to design 3 oversized whole floor apartments and had prepared a full feasibility on the project. 

    Assetline simultaneously approved finance to settle the land and pre-approved construction funding for the borrower.  Knowing this, the borrower could confidently settle the land, knowing construction funding was in place to take the project all the way to completion.

    Do you want to ensure certainty for your construction finance prior to the commencement of your project? Get in touch below to discuss your funding options.

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